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We currently provide our Clients and partners with consultancy services in the following areas:

Subsystem Engineering

ISP supports subsystem engineering design and procurement activities, exploiting the expertise and experience of its personnel, built up over many years dealing with common suppliers, both in Europe and in the US.

The role requires a detailed knowledge of the design, construction and operation of each component, from the complex pressure regulator to the more basic hydraulic tubing and fittings.

The Company has provided support to propellant and pressurant tank procurement, as well as for pyrotechnic valves and all other major equipment found in propulsion subsystems, and procurement of complete systems.

Design & Operation

Our Consultants' depth of involvement in a variety of different types of propulsion subsystems over 40 years allows us to advise constructively on design, configuration and layout issues, with added consideration to production, test and operating restrictions that may manifest themselves.

We apply the same consideration to our procurement support, whether for raw materials, tubing and fittings, components or complete systems.

ISP can provide support to Launch/Early Operation Phase (LEOP) operations, or spacecraft mission operation.

We pay attention to detail, focus on critical areas and strive to secure the product in compliance to requirements.

Safety & Reliability

Owing to the hostile nature of the environment systems must operate in, industrial confidence depends on the demonstration of safety and reliability.

In order to achieve this, ISP support services reflect the current state-of-the-art with respect to accepted practice, material and process specifications, standards of workmanship and product quality.

We support all aspects of product assurance and quality engineering, as well as providing expertise to evaluate systems and supporting ground equipment and protocols so as to maximise perceived reliability and increase Customer confidence.

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