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Ground Equipment

ISP provides bespoke ground equipment to meet all test or analysis needs, for any location or mission. 

ISP has developed a fully-equipped, CE-certified manned laboratory facility, incorporating everything needed to perform on-site analysis of hazardous fluids, in a secure working and storage environment, for operation in the harshest environments.

The PAMELA facility is housed in a 20TEU shipping container, for easier logistics and robust transit protection.

The ESA-supported development of the Propulsion Analysis Module - External Laboratory [PAMELA] was completed and fully accepted for use in March 2014.

In 2015, through our General and Specialised Enclosures (GSE) division, ISP designed and developed an ATEX Cat II-rated (for operation in propellant-laden environment), Nitrogen purge panel, for the TROPOMI instrument on ESA's Sentinel 5P spacecraft. The unit will service the instrument in all transit modes (air, rail, road) and in a clean-room environment.

This unit is capable of providing conditioned and filtered Nitrogen gas at a steady 20°C with a stable flow rate and remote monitoring, in air temperatures of -40°C. Control and monitoring is performed through a GSM network with flow and temperature alarms to alert controllers to low bottle pressures and heater failure. The unit also features auto switchover and emergency shut-off to protect the instrument.

ISP also provides smaller bespoke ground equipment to meet all needs. Details on request.

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