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PACE for Space

With ESA assistance and guidance, we have developed a spacecraft propulsion awareness course for engineers, technicians and managers working within the propulsion field. The course covers a concise background history, as well as methodology, approaches and philosophies widely used but often misunderstood.

A comprehensive course featuring discussion, practical demonstrations and industrial perspectives, the course should appeal to trainees, graduates, technical professionals, managers, administrators, delegates from insurance companies, end-users and mission operatives, or other interested parties, providing a background of European propulsion heritage, as well as a broad overview of applicable protocols that should be applied at various levels of the discipline, in order to ensure European industry maintains high levels of performance, reliability and quality of product.

The objective of the course is to enable all candidates to gain insight and awareness of general industrial approach and accepted practice applied throughout the propulsion field.

Format and content approved by European Space Agency. The course will be held in English only.

Leading to a Certificate of Assessment allowing industrial contractors to assess individual interest and establish suitability for further training.

The course is delivered by individuals with a long heritage, broad knowledge and depth of experience in the space propulsion discipline.


An outreach course, delivered to meet National curricula at Primary, Secondary school or Tertiary levels.

The content of each course will be tailored to suit each audience's level and will focus on specific objectives, ranging from a basic introduction to space technology (rockets, satellites, space travel) to processes and methodology of space flight.

Courses will be run from premises to be arranged as required. Contact ISP on for more details.

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